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Biomass resources in the United States could be harnessed to produce up to 50 billion gallons of biofuel each year. That's enough to fuel all domestic and international air travel.

ChemCatBio helps decarbonize our economy by accelerating the development of catalytic technologies that convert biomass and waste resources into renewable fuels and chemicals.


Accelerate the catalyst and process development cycle for bioenergy applications


The rapid decarbonization of our economy

ChemCatBio Impact
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Director Josh Schaidle presented on ChemCatBio during ABLC’s 2022 summit in Washington, D.C. View Schaidle’s presentation slides.

Updated in March 2022, the Catalyst Property Database now has a cleaner, more modern user interface, including new features that make it faster and easier to find the most relevant results.

A recent Nature Catalysis article provides a case study on the functionality of CatCost. Learn how researchers used the tool to evaluate costs and environmental impact of three high-performance catalysts.

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Discover how to leverage ChemCatBio's unique capabilities and accelerate the catalyst–process development cycle

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