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Partnering with ChemCatBio can help you overcome barriers to developing catalysts and related technologies for the production of biomass- and waste-derived fuels and chemicals.

Recruit the support of more than 120 ChemCatBio researchers. Leverage 29 capabilities across eight national laboratories. We are excited to work with you and help your organization realize the benefits of ChemCatBio’s unique capabilities and expertise.

Flexibility and dependability are core values in our research agreements—connecting you with the resources you need while safeguarding your valuable intellectual property.

Contact us today to explore your options, and learn more about our extensive R&D portfolio.

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Research Partnerships Made Easy

Your intellectual property is valuable. Our agreements help you access ChemCatBio’s capabilities while protecting sensitive information.

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) define the scope of work within a project, protect existing intellectual property, and allow your company to negotiate for exclusive field-of-use licenses. ChemCatBio members have developed standardized CRADA and Intellectual Property Management Plan templates to make it easier for you to engage with ChemCatBio partners.

Intellectual property ownership is based on inventorship, with the industrial partner having a right to negotiate an exclusive license to intellectual property developed with the ChemCatBio consortium.

Multi-Laboratory Single Participant ChemCatBio CRADA

Single Laboratory Single Participant ChemCatBio CRADA