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"I Am ChemCatBio" Video Series Highlights the Minds Behind Our Work
ChemCatBio, May 2024

ChemCatBio Technology Brief Demonstrates Conversion of Organic Waste to Sustainable Aviation Fuel
ChemCatBio, May 2024

Register Now for a June 12 Webinar: Rajeev S. Assary (Argonne National Laboratory) will discuss how artificial intelligence and high-fidelity, first-principles simulations can help identify cost-efficient catalysts for deoxygenation chemistry.
ChemCatBio, May 2024

ChemCatBio Seeks Community Feedback on Local Manufacturing
ChemCatBio, April 2024

Two Minority Serving Universities Advance ChemCatBio Research Priorities With New Funding
ChemCatBio, January 2024

Register Now for a January 24 Webinar: John West (Johnson Matthey), Neil Schweitzer (Northwestern University), Rajamani Gounder (Purdue University), and Robert Rioux (Pennsylvania State University) will discuss rigor and reproducibility in thermal, heterogeneous catalysis.
ChemCatBio, January 2024

Mines Doctoral Candidate Awarded Funding To Improve Catalyst for Converting Wet Waste Into Sustainable Aviation Fuel
ChemCatBio, October 2023

ChemCatBio Technology Brief Explores Key Barriers To Commercializing Catalytic Pyrolysis Technologies to Covert Biomass and Waste Plastic
ChemCatBio, July 2023

Now Available Online: Chemcatbio Presentations From The U.S. Department Of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office 2023 Project Peer Review
ChemCatBio, July 2023

The U.S. Department of Energy Just Announced Its Clean Fuels and Products Shot, Which Intersects With ChemCatBio’s Mission To Develop Catalytic Technologies For Renewable Fuels and Chemicals
ChemCatBio, May 2023

ChemCatBio technology brief details how syngas can be converted into energy-dense hydrocarbons in a single reactor
ChemCatBio, May 2023

June 14 webinar: Bruce Adkins (ORNL), Frederick Baddour (NREL), and Matthew Greaney (Clariant) will discuss engineered catalyst design and forming
ChemCatBio, May 2023

ChemCatBio To Accelerate Bioenergy Catalyst Research With New Funding and Three Industry Partners
ChemCatBio, November 2022

Dec. 14 webinar: Join Deputy Director Dan Ruddy for a webinar that looks at what’s ahead for ChemCatBio
ChemCatBio, December 2022

ChemCatBio Director Josh Schaidle Is Presenting At ABLC NEXT 2022
ABLC Next, October 2022

Chemcatbio Researchers Andy Sutton And Peter Ciesielski Are Plenary Speakers At The 2022 Frontiers In Biorefining 6th International Conference
Frontiers in Biorefining, October 2022

Now Available Online: The U.S. Department Of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office Published The Results Of Its 2021 Project Peer Review
U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office, June 2022

The ACS Catalysis Science and Technology (CATL) Division solicits applications for CATL-ChemCatBio Graduate Student Travel Awards
ACS Catalysis Science and Technology Division, June 2022

U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office Accepting Applications For Funding Opportunity On Robust Catalytic Processes
U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office, April 2022

CatCost online tool offers insight into catalyst manufacturing cost and environmental impact
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, March 2022

A virtual seminar on Addressing Rigor and Reproducibility in Heterogeneous, Thermal Catalysis will be held on Monday, April 4
Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern, March 2022

View Director Josh Schaidle's presentation slides on ChemCatBio given during ABLC’s 2022 summit ChemCatBio, March 2022

The Catalyst Property Database has a cleaner user interface, with features that make it faster and easier to find the most relevant results
ChemCatBio, March 2022

3 ways ChemCatBio’s Catalyst Property Database can accelerate biofuels research
Bioenergy Technologies Office, January 2022

Now online: ChemCatBio presentations from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office 2021 Project Peer Review
ChemCatBio, November 2021

Review advances in ex situ catalytic fast pyrolysis in the latest state of technology report
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, June 2021

From wet waste to flight: Scientists announce fast-track solution for net-zero-carbon sustainable aviation fuel
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, March 2021

Closing the Carbon Cycle webinar series to feature ChemCatBio Director Josh Schaidle on Dec. 11: Register now
Bioenergy Technologies Office, December 2020

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for the January 13 presentation on catalytic fast pyrolysis through integrated experimentation and multiscale computational modeling
ChemCatBio, November 2020

ChemCatBio bio-renewable surfactants project wins bronze R&D 100 special recognition: green tech award
R&D World, September 2020

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for the August 12 presentation on types of membrane electrode assemblies employed in low-temperature electrochemical CO2 utilization
ChemCatBio, May 2020

Consortium for Computational Physics and Chemistry direct funding opportunity for computational science to enable bioenergy: Proposals due March 31
Consortium for Computational Physics and Chemistry, March 2020

Holy grail? Scientists devise 'nanocatalysts' to recycle carbon dioxide back into fuels
Forbes, February 2020

Cheap nanoparticles pave the way for carbon-neutral fuel
Wired, February 2020

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for the February 19 presentation on addressing the unique catalyst deactivation challenges for converting biomass-derived feedstocks
ChemCatBio, December 2019

Just announced! Submissions for ChemCatBio phase II directed funding assistance opportunity due November 22
ChemCatBio, November 2019

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for the July 31 presentation on collaborative efforts to develop a robust, economically viable ethanol catalytic upgrading technology
ChemCatBio, June 2019

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for the April 24 presentation on collaborative efforts to develop economically viable options for the catalytic upgrading of BDO
ChemCatBio, March 2019

Join us at BETO's 2019 Peer Review to learn more about the ChemCatBio research portfolio
U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office, February 2019

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for the November 14 presentation on simulation and modeling of bioenergy conversion from the atomic to process scales
ChemCatBio, October 2018

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for the September 27 presentation and tutorial of the new catalyst cost estimation tool
ChemCatBio, August 2018

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for the June 27 presentation on accelerating the catalyst development cycle
ChemCatBio, May 2018

Energy Department announces funding opportunities, includes development of ChemCatBio industry partnerships
ChemCatBio, May 2018

ChemCatBio to demonstrate Catalyst Cost Estimation Tool at 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh
ChemCatBio, April 2018

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for the March 7 presentation on producing high-octane gasoline from biomass
ChemCatBio, February 2018

Join us for an upcoming webinar: Register now for a ChemCatBio overview on December 6
ChemCatBio, November 2017

The Chemical Catalysis for Bioenergy Consortium: Enabling production of biofuels and bioproducts through catalysis
Presented at ABLC Next, San Francisco, California, October 17, 2017

ChemCatBio awards $4.3 million in directed funding assistance to overcome catalysis challenges
ChemCatBio, September 2017

Visit the ChemCatBio exhibit booth at tcbiomass2017 in Chicago, Illinois, from September 19–21
ChemCatBio, August 2017

ChemCatBio is excited to announce a new 2017 directed funding assistance opportunity
ChemCatBio, June 2017

Stakeholder Listening Day June 9
ChemCatBio, May 2017

ChemCatBio's research portfolio reviewed as part of BETO's 2017 Peer Review
U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office, March 2017

Race for a better fuel begins with NREL researchers
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, January 2017

Bioenergy Technologies Office releases strategic plan
U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office, December 2016

Scientists trace ‘poisoning' in chemical reactions to the atomic scale
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, November 2016

October 19 is National Bioenergy Day
National Bioenergy Day, September 2016

Abstract submissions open through October 2016 for North American Meeting of the Catalysis Society
North American Catalysis Society, August 2016

U.S. holds potential to produce billion tons of biomass, support bioeconomy
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 2016

NREL, Enerkem advance BIO-DME to commercialization
Biofuels Digest, June 2016

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