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Temporal Analysis of Products Reactor System


Identifying high performing catalytic materials by measuring intrinsic kinetic properties


The Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP) reactor system is a transient pulse response technique for collecting detailed reaction kinetic information on industrial catalysts. By removing the material from the complexity of the operating environment, the rate-controlling intrinsic kinetic function of the material can be more clearly assessed. This approach allows for direct comparison of catalytic materials on a kinetic basis. In a TAP pulse response experiment, an ultralow intensity pulse is injected into the micro-reactor under vacuum conditions. Since transport in the reactor is well-defined Knudsen diffusion, time delays of exiting molecules are attributed to a kinetic process and established theoretical techniques are used to extract quantitative kinetic data. Varying probe molecules can be utilized to distinguish certain bond breaking/formation reactions and long pulse experiments can be utilized to incrementally track changes in material composition (oxidation/reduction/deactivation) and the resulting impact on kinetics.

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TAP Reactor System for Catalyst Characterization and Evaluation

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