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Conceptual Biomass Conversion Process Design and Analysis

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Developing conceptual process designs and detailed process models that provide insight into the effect of catalytic performance on production costs, product qualities, heat integration, process optimization, and scale-up of integrated biomass conversion processes


ChemCatBio's process modeling teams from Los Alamos National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and Pacific National Laboratory have extensive expertise in modeling complex, integrated biomass conversion processes, incorporating novel equipment designs, material balances, equipment sizing, heat integration, and physical property estimation. This capability, based on detailed process modeling using steady-state and dynamic process simulation packages from Aspen Plus, allows the projection of scale-up and commercial impacts of lab-scale research without having to build actual chemical plants. The rigor in our process modeling allows for a realistic projection of process behavior for any assumed or experimental catalyst performance.

Additional Information:

NREL's Thermochemical Conversion Techno-Economic Analysis

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National Laboratories:

Los Alamos National Laboratory
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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