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Controlled Surface Coatings for Catalytic Materials

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Reducing catalyst deactivation and optimizing performance by the controlled deposition of thin films with desired thickness and chemical composition


Atomic layer deposition systems at Argonne National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory provide the ability to deposit thin films with desired thickness and chemical composition onto 2- and 3-dimensional catalytic materials, including powder samples. These systems can deposit metal oxides, sulfides, selenides, and pure platinum group metals and have in situ diagnostics including quartz crystal microbalances, IR spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry. Integrated glove boxes allow for air-free handling and solid, liquid, and gas precursors are supported. Catalytic materials synthesized or modified by atomic layer deposition have shown better resistance to sintering under high temperature conditions and have shown enhanced performance by tailoring the active site for the reaction of interest.

Additional Information:

Atomic Layer Deposition at Argonne National Laboratory

National Laboratories:

Argonne National Laboratory
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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