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High-Throughput Synthesis and Evaluation of Catalytic Materials

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Reducing the time required to develop advanced catalyst materials by reducing scale and employing robotic systems


High-throughput laboratories at Argonne National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory leverage integrated systems and robotics to rapidly prepare, test, and analyze catalytic materials on a small scale with tests performed in parallel to obtain replicates and improve data confidence. Compared to conventional systems, these high-throughput labs can reduce the time for catalyst synthesis and evaluation by up to 75%. The capabilities of these labs include:

  • Synthesis systems for preparing catalysts covering a wide range of composition space that allow for solid and liquid handling, viscous liquid and slurry pipetting, sample filtration and washing, pH monitoring, sample heating with stirring, and sample vial capping and uncapping.
  • Screening systems utilizing customizable batch and fixed-bed flow reactors for both gas phase and liquid phase reactions with automated sampling and sample analysis using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. These systems are able to obtain reaction kinetics and can be operated over a wide range of process conditions relevant to biomass conversion, including pyrolysis bio-oil stabilization, hydrothermal processing, and synthesis gas upgrading.

Additional Information:

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National Laboratories:

Argonne National Laboratory
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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