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Elucidation of the Roles of Water on the Reactivity of Surface Intermediates in Carboxylic Acid Ketonization on TiO2 2023 F. Lin, W. Hu, N. R. Jaegers, F. Gao, J. Z. Hu, H. Wang, Y. Wang Journal of the American Chemical Society
Catalyst Deactivation and Its Mitigation During Catalytic Conversions of Biomass 2022 F. Lin, M. Xu, K. K. Ramasamy, Z. Li, J. L. Klinger, J. A. Schaidle, H. Wang ACS Catalysis
Organic Modifiers Promote Furfuryl Alcohol Ring Hydrogenation via Surface Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions 2021 P. D. Coan, C. A. Farberow, M. B. Griffin, J. W. Medlin ACS Catalysis
Assessing the Role of Surface Carbon on the Surface Stability and Reactivity of β-Mo2C Catalysts 2022 S. A. Tacey, M. Jankousky, C. A. Farberow Applied Surface Science
Direct Synthesis of Branched Hydrocarbons From CO2 Over Composite Catalysts in a Single Reactor 2022 A. T. To, M. A. Arellano-Trevino, C. P. Nash, D. A. Ruddy Journal of CO2 Utilization
Direct Conversion of Renewable CO2-Rich Syngas to High-Octane Hydrocarbons in a Single Reactor 2022 C. T. Nimlos, C. P. Nash, D. P. Dupuis, A. T. To, A. Kumar, J. E. Hensley, D. A. Ruddy ACS Catalysis
Impact of Coprocessing Biocrude With Petroleum Stream on Hydrotreating Catalyst Stability 2022 C. Zhu, O. Y. Gutiérrez, D. M. Santosa, I. Kutnyakov, R. Weindl, H. Shi, H. Wang Energy & Fuels
Accelerating Catalyst Development for Biofuel Production Through Multiscale Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass Over Mo2C 2022 C. Mukarakate, K. Iisa, S. E. Habas, K. A. Orton, M. Xu, C. Nash, Q. Wu, R. M. Happs, R. J. French, A. Kumar, E. M. Miller, M. R. Nimlos, J. A. Schaidle Chem Catalysis
Controlled Synthesis of Transition Metal Phosphide Nanoparticles To Establish Composition-Dependent Trends in Electrocatalytic Activity 2022 C. A. Downes, K. M. Van Allsburg, S. A. Tacey, K. A. Unocic, F. G. Baddour, D. A. Ruddy, N. J. LiBretto, M. M. O’Connor, C. A. Farberow, J. A. Schaidle, S. E. Habas Chemistry of Materials
Early-Stage Evaluation of Catalyst Manufacturing Cost and Environmental Impact Using CatCost 2022 K. M. Van Allsburg, E. C. D. Tan, J. D. Super, J. A. Schaidle, F. G. Baddour Nature Catalysis
Predicting Thermal Excursions During In Situ Oxidative Regeneration of Packed Bed Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Catalyst 2021 B. D. Adkins, Z. Mills, J. Parks., M. B. Pecha, P. N. Ciesielski, K. Iisa, C. Mukarakate, D. J. Robichaud, K. Smith, K. Gaston, M. B. Griffin, J. A. Schaidle Reaction Chemistry & Engineering
Optimizing Process Conditions During Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Pine With Pt/TiO2—Improving the Viability of a Multiple-Fixed-Bed Configuration 2021 R. J. French, K. Iisa, K. A. Orton, M. B. Griffin, E. Christensen, S. Black, K. Brown, S. E. Palmer, J. A. Schaidle, C. Mukarakate, T. D. Foust ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Practical Aspects of Performing Quantitive EELS Measurements of Gas Compositions in Closed-Cell Gas Reaction S/TEM 2021 K. Unocic, M. Griffin, J. Schaidle, S. Habas, F. Walden, R. Unocic, L. Allard Microscopy and Microanalysis
Performing In Situ Closed-Cell Gas Reactions in the Transmission Electron Microscope 2021 K. Unocic, D. Hensley, F. Walden, W. Bigelow, M. Griffin, S. Habas, R. Unocic, L. Allard Journal of Visual Experiments
Deactivation by Potassium Accumulation on a Pt/TiO2 Bifunctional Catalyst for Biomass Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis 2022 F. Lin, Y. Lu, K. A. Unocic, S. E. Habas, M. B. Griffin, J. A. Schaidle, H. M. Meyer III, Y. Wang, H. Wang ACS Catalysis
Catalyst Design To Direct High-Octane Gasoline Fuel Properties for Improved Engine Efficiency 2022 C. P. Nash, D. P. Dupuis, A. Kumar, C. A. Farberow, A. T. To, C. Yang, E. C. Wegener, J. T. Miller, K. A. Unocic, E. Christensen, J. E. Hensley, J. A. Schaidle, S. E. Habas, D. A. Ruddy Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Throughput Optimization of Molybdenum Carbide Nanoparticle Catalysts in a Continuous Flow Reactor Using Design of Experiments 2022 L. R. Karadaghi, M. S. Madani, E. M. Williamson, A. T. To, S. E. Habas, F. G. Baddour, J. A. Schaidle, D. A. Ruddy, R. L. Brutchey, N. Malmstadt ACS Applied Nano Materials
Kinetics and Reactor Design Principles of Volatile Fatty Acid Ketonization for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production 2022 J. H. Miller, G. R. Hafenstine, H. Nguyen, D. R. Vardon Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Uncovering the Active Sites and Demonstrating Stable Catalyst for the Cost-Effective Conversion of Ethanol to 1-Butanol 2021 M. Guo, M. Gray, H. Job, C. Alvarez-Vasco, S. Subramaniam, X. Zhang, L. Kovarik, V. Murugesan, S. Phillips, K. K. Ramasamy Green Chemistry
Selective Dehydration of 2,3-Butanediol to 3-Buten-2-ol over In2O3 Catalyst 2021 U. Sanyal, A. Martinez, M. Guo, S. Subramaniam, M. Song, K. K. Ramasamy Energy & Fuels
Energy Material Network Data Hubs 2021 R. R. White, K. Munch, N. Wunder, N. Guba, C. Sivaraman, K. M. Van Allsburg, H. Dinh, C. Pailing International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications
Toward Net-Zero Sustainable Aviation Fuel With Wet Waste-Derived Volatile Fatty Acids 2021 N. A. Huq, G. R. Hafenstine, X. Huo, H. Nguyen, S. M. Tifft, D. R. Conklin, D. Stück, J. Stunkel, Z. Yang, J. S. Heyne, M. R. Wiatrowski, Y. Zhang, L. Tao, J. Zhu, C. S. McEnally, E. D. Christensen, C. Hays, K. M. Van Allsburg, K. A. Unocic, H. M. Meyer III, Z. Abdullah, D. R. Vardon Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Atomic Layer Deposition with TiO2 for Enhanced Reactivity and Stability of Aromatic Hydrogenation Catalysts 2021 W. W. McNeary, S. A. Tacey, G. Lahti, D. R. Conklin, K. A. Unocic, E. C. D. Tan, E. C. Wegener, T. E. Erden, S. Moulton, C. Gump, J. Burger, M. B. Griffin, C. A. Farberow, M. J. Watson, L. Tuxworth, K. M. Van Allsburg, A. A. Dameron, K. Buechler, D. R. Vardon ACS Catalysis
Spectroscopic Insight Into Carbon Speciation and Removal on a Cu/BEA Catalyst During Renewable High-Octane Hydrocarbon Synthesis 2021 Q. Wu, A. T. To, C. P. Nash, D. P. Dupuis, F. G. Baddour, S. E. Habas, D. A. Ruddy Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Techno-Economic Analysis of Recycled Ionic Liquid Solvent Used in a Model Colloidal Platinum Nanoparticle Synthesis 2020 L. R. Karadaghi, N. Malmstadt, K. M. Van Allsburg, R. L. Brutchey ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Understanding the Deactivation of Ag–ZrO2/SiO2 Catalysts for the Single‐Step Conversion of Ethanol to Butenes 2020 F. Lin, V. L. Dagle, A. D. Winkelman, M. Engelhard, L. Kovarik, Y. Wang, Y. Wang, R. Dagle, H. Wang ChemCatChem
Performance and Techno-Economic Evaluations of Co-Processing Residual Heavy Fraction in Bio-Oil Hydrotreating 2020 H. Wang, P. A. Meyer, D. M. Santosa, C. Zhu, M. V. Olarte, S. B. Jones, A. H. Zacher Catalysis Today
In Situ Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Using Red Mud Catalyst: Impact of Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Temperature and Biomass Feedstocks 2020 D. M. Santosa, C. Zhu, F. A. Agblevor, B. Maddi, B. Q. Roberts, I. V. Kutnyakov, S. Lee, H. Wang ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Reformulated Red Mud: A Robust Catalyst for In Situ Catalytic Pyrolysis of Biomass 2020 F. A. Agblevor, H. Wang, S. Beis, K. Christian, A. Slade, O. Hietsoi, D. M. Santosa Energy & Fuels
Dehydrogenative Coupling of Methanol for the Gas-Phase, One-Step Synthesis of Dimethoxymethane Over Supported Copper Catalysts 2020 A. T. To, T. J. Wilke, E. Nelson, C. P. Nash, A. Bartling, E. C. Wegener, K. A. Unocic, S. E. Habas, T. D. Foust, D. A. Ruddy ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction over Cu3P Nanoparticles Generated via a Molecular Precursor Route 2020 C. A. Downes, N. J. Libretto, A. E. Harman-Ware, R. M. Happs, D. A. Ruddy, F. G. Baddour, J. R. Ferrell III, S. E. Habas, J. A. Schaidle ACS Applied Energy Materials
Single-Step Conversion of Ethanol to n-Butene over Ag-ZrO2/SiO2 Catalysts 2020 V. L. Dagle, A. D. Winkelman, N. R. Jaegers, J. Saavedra-Lopez, J. Hu, M. H. Engelhard, S. E. Habas, S. A. Akhade, L. Kovarik, V. A. Glezakou, R. Rousseau, Y. Wang, R. Dagle ACS Catalysis
A Hybrid Pathway to Biojet Fuel via 2,3-Butanediol 2020 S. Adhikari, J. Zhang, Q. Guo, K. A. Unocic, L. Tao, Z. Li Sustainable Energy & Fuels
Production of Gaseous Olefins from Syngas over a Cobalt-HZSM-5 Catalyst 2020 B. Maddi, S. Davidson, H. Job, R. Dagle, M. Guo, M. Gray, K. K. Ramasamy Catalysis Letters
Optimization of Biomass Pyrolysis Vapor Upgrading Using a Laminar Entrained-Flow Reactor System 2020 B. Peterson, C. Engtrakul, T. Evans, K. Iisa, M. Watson, M. Jarvis, D. Robichaud, C. Mukarakate, M. Nimlos Energy & Fuels
A Perspective on Biomass-Derived Biofuels: From Catalyst Design Principles to Fuel Properties 2020 Y. Kim, A. E. Thomas, D. J. Robichaud, K. Iisa, P. C. St. John, B. D. Etz, G. M. Fioroni, A. Dutta, R. L. McCormick, C. Mukarakate, S. Kim Journal of Hazardous Materials
Direct Conversion of Biomass Carbohydrates to Platform Chemicals: 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and Furfural 2020 A. Mittal, H. M. Pilath, D. K. Johnson Energy and Fuels
Ga/ZSM-5 Catalyst Improves Hydrocarbon Yields and Increases Alkene Selectivity during Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass with Co-Fed Hydrogen 2020 K. Iisa, Y. Kim, K. A. Orton, D. J. Robichaud, R. Katahira, M. Watson, M. Nimlos, J. A. Schaidle, C. Mukarakate, S. Kim Green Chemistry
Detailed Oil Compositional Analysis Enables Evaluation of Impact of Temperature and Biomass-to-Catalyst Ratio on ex situ Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Pine Vapors over ZSM-5 2020 H. Patel, N. Hao, K. Iisa, R. J. French, K A. Orton, C. Mukarakate, A. J. Ragauskas, M. R. Nimlos ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
An Exceptionally Mild and Scalable Solution-Phase Synthesis of Molybdenum Carbide Nanoparticles for Thermocatalytic CO2 Hydrogenation 2020 F. G. Baddour, E. J. Roberts, A. T. To, L. Wang, S. E. Habas, D. A. Ruddy, N. M. Bedford, J. Wright, C. P. Nash, J. A. Schaidle, R. L. Brutchey, N. Malmstadt Journal of the American Chemical Society
Synthesis of Aviation Fuel from Bio-Derived Isophorone 2019 C. F. Ryan, C. M. Moore, J. H. Leal, T. A. Semelsberger, J. K. Banh, J. Zhu, C. S. McEnally, L. D. Pfefferle, A. D. Sutton Sustainable Energy & Fuels
Inverse Bimetallic RuSn Catalyst for Selective Carboxylic Acid Reduction 2019 V. Vorotnikov, T. R. Eaton, A. E. Settle, K. Orton, E. C. Wegener, C. Yang, J. T. Miller, G. T. Beckham, D. R. Vardon ACS Catalysis
Supported Molybdenum Oxides as Effective Catalysts for the Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass 2016 K. Murugappan, C. Mukarakate, S. Budhi, M. Shetty, M. Nimlos, Y. Román-Leshkov Green Chemistry
Mixed Alcohol Dehydration over Brønsted and Lewis Acidic Materials 2016 C. Nash, A. Ramanathan, D. Ruddy, M. Yung, M. Behl, E. Gjersing, M. Griffin, H. Zhu, B. Subramaniam, J. Schaidle, J. Hensley Applied Catalysis A: General
Organometallic Model Complexes Elucidate the Active Gallium Species in Alkane Dehydrogenation Catalysts Based on Ligand Effects in Ga K-edge XANES 2016 A. Gestoian, U. Das, J. Bunquin, G. Zhang, J. Gallagher, B. Hu, S. Cheah, J. Schaidle, D. Ruddy, J. Hensley, T. Krause, L. Curtiss, J. Miller, A. Hock Catalysis Science and Technology
Enhanced Hydrodeoxygenation of m-Cresol over Bimetallic Pt–Mo Catalysts through an Oxophilic Metal-Induced Tautomerization Pathway 2016 A. Robinson, G. Ferguson, J. Gallagher, S. Cheah, G. Beckham, J. Schaidle, J. Hensley, J. Medlin ACS Catalysis
Production of Low-Oxygen Bio-Oil via Ex Situ Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis and Hydrotreating 2017 K. Iisa, R. French, K. Orton, A. Dutta, J. Schaidle Fuel
Catalysis by Metal Carbides and Nitrides 2017 C. Nash, M. Yung, Y. Chen, S. Carl, L. T. Thompson, J. Schaidle Handbook of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 6 — Applications: Functional Materials
Transitioning Rationally Designed Catalytic Materials to Real "Working" Catalysts Produced at Commercial Scale: Nanoparticle Materials 2017 J. Schaidle, S. Habas, F. Baddour, C. Farberow, D. Ruddy, J. Hensley, R. Brutchey, N. Malmstadt, H. Robota Specialist Periodical Report on Catalysis
Group Additivity Determination for Oxygenates, Oxonium Ions, and Oxygen-Containing Carbenium Ions 2017 L. Dellon, C. Sung, D. Robichaud, L. Broadbelt Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Predictive Model for Particle Residence Time Distributions in Riser Reactors. Part 1: Model Development and Validation 2017 T. Foust, J. Ziegler, S. Pannala, P. Ciesielski, M. Nimlos, D. Robichaud ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Catalyst Residence Time Distributions in Riser Reactors for Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis. Part 2: Pilot-Scale Simulations and Operational Parameter Study 2017 T. Foust, J. Ziegler, S. Pannala, P. Ciesielski, M. Nimlos, D. Robichaud ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Simulating Biomass Fast Pyrolysis at the Single Particle Scale 2017 P. Ciesielski, G. Wiggins, J. Jakes, C. S. Daw Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass
Estimation of Heat Transfer Coefficients for Biomass Particles by Direct Numerical Simulation Using Microstructured Particle Models in the Laminar Regime 2017 M. Pecha, M. Garcia-Perez, T. Foust, P. Ciesielski ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Computational Study of the Bubbling-to-Slugging Transition in a Laboratory-scale Fluidized Bed 2017 E. Ramirez, C. Finney, S. Pannala, C. Daw, J. Halow, Q. Xiong Chemical Engineering Journal
Estimating the Temperature Experienced by Biomass Particles during Fast Pyrolysis Using Microscopic Analysis of Biochars 2017 L. Thompson, P. Ciesielski, M. Jarvis, C. Mukarakate, M. Nimlos, B. Donohoe Energy & Fuels
Selective Conversion of Bio-Derived Ethanol to Renewable BTX over Ga-ZSM-5 2017 Z. Li, A. Lepore, M. Salazar, G. S. Foo, B. Davison, Z. Wu, C. Narula Green Chemistry
An Investigation Into Support Cooperativity for the Deoxygenation of Guaiacol Over Nanoparticle Ni and Rh2P 2017 M. B. Griffin, F. G. Baddour, S. E. Habas, C. P. Nash, D. A. Ruddy, J. A. Schaidle Catalysis Science and Technology
Reforming Biomass Derived Pyrolysis Bio-oil Aqueous Phase to Fuels 2017 C. Mukarakate, R. J. Evans, S. Deutch, T. Evans, A. K. Starace, J. ten Dam, M. J. Watson, K. Magrini Energy & Fuels
Enhanced Hydrothermal Stability and Catalytic Activity of LaxZryOz Mixed Oxides for the Ketonization of Acetic Acid in the Aqueous Condensed 2017 J. A. Lopez-Ruiz , A. R. Cooper, G. Li , K. O. Albrecht ACS Catalysis
Ru-Sn/AC for the Aqueous Phase Reduction of Succinic Acid to 1,4-Butanediol Under Continuous Process Conditions 2017 D. R. Vardon, A. E. Settle, V. Vorotnikov, M. J. Menart, T. R. Eaton, K. A. Unocic, K. X. Steirer, K. M. Wood, N. S. Cleveland, K. E. Moyer, W. E. Michener, G. T. Beckham. ACS Catalysis
Exploring Low-Temperature Dehydrogenation at Ionic Cu Sites in Beta Zeolite to Enable Alkane Recycle in Dimethyl Ether Homologation 2017 C. A. Farberow, S. Cheah, S. Kim, J. T. Miller, J. R. Gallagher, J. E. Hensley, J. A. Schaidle, D. A. Ruddy ACS Catalysis
Catalytic Conversion of Biomass Derived Ethanol to Liquid Hydrocarbon Blend-Stock: Effect of Light Gas Recirculation 2016 Z. Li, A. Lepore, B. Davison, C. Narula Energy & Fuels
Deactivation of Multilayered MFI Nanosheet Zeolite During Upgrading of Biomass Pyrolysis Vapors 2017 M. Xu, C. Mukarakate, K. Iisa, S. Budhi, M. Menart, M. Davidson, D. J. Robichaud, M. R. Nimlos, B. G. Trewyn, R. M. Richards ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Steam Reforming of Acetic Acid over Co-supported Catalysts: Coupling Ketonization for Greater Stability 2017 S. D. Davidson, K. A Spies, D. Mei, L. Kovarik, I. Kutnyakov, X. S. Li, V. L. Dagle, K. O Albrecht, R. A Dagle ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
Integrated Biorefining: Coproduction of Renewable Resol Biopolymer for Aqueous Stream Valorization 2017 A. N. Wilson, M. J. Price, C. Mukarakate, R. Katahira, M. B. Griffin, J. R. Dorgan, J. Olstad, K. A. Magrini, M. R. Nimlos ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
Sulfur-Tolerant Molybdenum Carbide Catalysts Enabling Low-Temperature Stabilization of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil 2017 Z. Li, J.-S. Choi, H. Wang, A. W. Lepore, R. M. Connatser, S. A. Lewis, H. M. Meyer, D. M. Santosa, A. H. Zacher Energy & Fuels
High-Throughput Continuous Flow Synthesis of Nickel Nanoparticles for the Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol 2017 E. J. Roberts, S. E. Habas, L. Wang , D. A. Ruddy, E. A. White, F. G. Baddour, M. B. Griffin, J. A. Schaidle, N. Malmstadt, R. L. Brutchey ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Multi-Scale Evaluation of Catalytic Upgrading of Biomass Pyrolysis Vapors on Ni- and Ga-Modified ZSM-5 2016 M. M. Yung, A. R. Stanton, K. Iisa, R. J. French, K. A. Orton, K. A. Magrini Energy & Fuels
Ab Initio Surface Phase Diagrams for Coadsorption of Aromatics and Hydrogen on the Pt(111) Surface 2016 G. A. Ferguson, V. Vorotnikov, N. Wunder, J. Clark, K. Gruchalla, T. Bartholomew, D. J. Robichaud, G. T. Beckham Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Modeling and Analysis: Comparative Techno-Economic Analysis and Process Design for Indirect Liquefaction Pathways to Distillate-Range Fuels Via Biomass Derived Oxygenated Intermediates Upgrading 2016 E. C. D. Tan, L. J. Snowden-Swan, M. Talmadge, A. Dutta, S. Jones, K. K. Ramasamy, M. Gray, R. Dagle, A. Padmaperuma, M. Gerber, A. H. Sahir, L. Tao, Y. Zhang Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining
Bio-Oil Stabilization by Hydrogenation Over Reduced Metal Catalysts at Low Temperatures 2016 H. Wang, S.-J. Lee, M. V. Olarte, A. H. Zacher ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Acetaldehyde as an Ethanol Derived Bio-Building Block: An Alternative to Guerbet Chemistry 2017 C. M. Moore, O. Staples, R. W. Jenkins, T. R. Brooks, T. A. Semelsberger, A. D. Sutton Green Chemistry
Diffusion of Biomass Pyrolysis Products in H-ZSM-5 by Molecular Dynamics Simulations 2017 L. Bu, M. R. Nimlos, D. J. Robichaud, S. Kim Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Temperature-programmed Deoxygenation of Acetic Acid on Molybdenum Carbide Catalysts 2017 C. P. Nash, C. A. Farberow, J. E. Hensley Journal of Visualized Experiments
Effects of Thermal Pretreatment and Catalyst on Biomass Gasification Efficiency and Syngas Composition 2016 S. Cheah, W. S. Jablonski, J. L. Olstad, D. L. Carpenter, K. D. Barthelemy, D. J. Robichaud, J. C. Andrews, S. K. Black, M. D. Oddo, T. L. Westoverc Green Chemistry
Catalytic Co-Aromatization of Ethanol and Methane 2016 A. Wang, P. He, M. Yung, H. Zeng, H. Qian, H. Song Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Steric Effect and Evolution of Surface Species in the Hydrodeoxygenation of Bio-oil Model Compounds over Pt/HBEA 2016 G. S. Foo, A. K. Rogers, M. M. Yung, C. Sievers ACS Catalysis
Reactions of Mixture of Oxygenates Found in Pyrolysis Vapors: Deoxygenation of Hydroxyacetaldehyde and Guaiacol Catalyzed by HZSM-5 2016 S. Cheah, A. K. Starace, E. Gjersing, S. Bernier, S. Deutch Topics in Catalysis
Biomass Conversion to Produce Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuel via Hot-Vapor Filtered Fast Pyrolysis and Catalytic Hydrotreating 2016 H. Wang, D. C. Elliott, R. J. French, S. Deutch, K. Iisa Journal of Visualized Experiments
Tunable Catalytic Properties of Bi-Functional Mixed Oxides in Ethanol Conversion to High Value Compounds 2016 K. K. Ramasamy, M. Gray, H. Job, C. Smith, Y. Wang Catalysis Today
Discerning the Location and Nature of Coke Deposition from Surface to Bulk of Spent Zeolite Catalysts 2016 A. Devaraj, M. Vijayakumar, J. Bao, M. F. Guo, M. A. Derewinski, Z. Xu, M. J. Gray, S. Prodinger, K. K. Ramasamy Scientific Reports
Characterization of Deactivated Bio-oil Hydrotreating Catalysts 2016 H. Wang, Y. Wang Topics in Catalysis
Red Mud Catalytic Pyrolysis of Pinyon Juniper and Single-Stage Hydrotreatment of Oils 2016 F. A. Agblevor, D. C. Elliott, D. M. Santosa, M. V. Olarte, S. D. Burton, M. Swita, S. H. Beis, K. Christian, B. Sargent Energy & Fuels
Synthesis of Acetone-Derived C6, C9, and C12 Carbon Scaffolds for Chemical and Fuel Applications 2016 C. M. Moore, R. W. Jenkins, M. T. Janicke, W. L. Kubic Jr., E. Polikarpov, T. A. Semelsberger, A. D. Sutton ChemSusChem
Hydrotreating the Organic Fraction of Biomass Pyrolysis Oil to a Refinery Intermediate 2015 R. J. French, S. K. Black, M. Myers, J. Stunkel, E. Gjersing, K. Iisa Energy & Fuels
Role of Calcination Temperature on the Hydrotalcite Derived MgO–Al2O3 in Converting Ethanol to Butanol 2015 K. K. Ramasamy, M. Gray, H. Job, D. Santosa, X. S. Li, A. Devaraj, A. Karkamkar, Y. Wang Topics in Catalysis
Direct Syngas Hydrogenation Over a Co-Ni Bimetallic Catalyst: Process Parameter Optimization 2015 K. K. Ramasamy, M. Gray, H. Job, Y. Wang Chemical Engineering Science
The Conversion of Starch and Sugars into Branched C10 and C11 Hydrocarbons 2016 A. D. Sutton, J. K. Kim, R. Wu, C. B. Hoyt, D. B. Kimball, L. A. Silks III, J. C. Gordon ChemSusChem
Synthesis of α-MoC1−x Nanoparticles with a Surface-Modified SBA-15 Hard Template: Determination of Structure—Function Relationships in Acetic Acid Deoxygenation 2016 F. G. Baddour, C. P. Nash, J. A. Schaidle, D. A. Ruddy Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Molybdenum Carbides, Active and in situ Regenerable Catalysts in Hydroprocessing of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil 2016 J.-S. Choi , A. H. Zacher, H. Wang, M. V. Olarte, B. L. Armstrong, H. M. Meyer, I. I. Soykal, V. Schwartz Energy & Fuels
New Operation Strategy for Driving the Selectivity of NOx Reduction to N2, NH3 or N2O During Lean/Rich Cycling of a Lean NOx Trap Catalyst 2016 D. Mráĉek, P. Koĉí, J.-S. Choi, W. P. Partridge Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Enhancing Low-Temperature Activity and Durability of Pd-based Diesel Oxidation Catalysts Using ZrO2 Supports 2016 M.-Y. Kim, E. A. Kyriakidou, J.-S. Choi, T. J. Toops, A. J. Binder, C. Thomas, J. E. Parks II, V. Schwartz, J. Chen, D. K. Hensley Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Evolution and Enabling Capabilities of Spatially Resolved Techniques for the Characterization of Heterogeneously Catalyzed Reactions 2016 K. Morgan, J. Touitou, J.-S. Choi , C. Coney, C. Hardacre, J. A. Pihl, C. E. Stere, M.-Y. Kim, C. Stewart, A. Goguet, W. P. Partridge ACS Catalysis
Ammonia Reactions with the Stored Oxygen in a Commercial Lean NOx Trap Catalyst 2015 Ŝ. Bártová, D. Mráček, P. Kočí, M. Marek, J.-S. Choi The Chemical Engineering Journal
Stabilization of Softwood-Derived Pyrolysis Oils for Continuous Bio-oil Hydroprocessing 2016 M. V. Olarte, A. H. Zacher, A. B. Padmaperuma, S. D. Burton, H. M. Job, T. L. Lemmon, M. S. Swita, L. J. Rotness, Jr, G. G. Neuenschwander, J. G. Frye, D. C. Elliott Topics in Catalysis
Integrated Process for the Catalytic Conversion of Biomass-Derived Syngas into Transportation Fuels 2016 V. M. Lebarbier, C. D. Smith, M. D. Flake, K. O. Albrecht, M. J. Gray, K. K. Ramasamy, R. A. Dagle Green Chemistry
Steam Reforming of Fast Pyrolysis-Derived Aqueous Phase Oxygenates over Co, Ni, and Rh Metals Supported on MgAl2O4 2016 R. Xing, V. M. Lebarbier, M. D. Flake, L. Kovarik, K. O. Albrecht, C. A. Deshmane, R. A. Dagle Catalysis Today
Steam Reforming of Ethylene Glycol over MgAl2O4 Supported Rh, Ni, and Co Catalysts 2015 D. Mei, V. M. Lebarbier, R. Xing, K. O. Albrecht, R. A. Dagle ACS Catalysis
Steam Reforming of Hydrocarbons from Biomass-Derived Syngas over MgAl2O4-Supported Transition Metals and Bimetallic IrNi Catalysts 2016 V. M. Lebarbier, R. A. Dagle, L. Kovarik, A. Genc, Y. Wang, M. E. Bowden, H. Wan, M. D. Flake, V. A. Glezakou, D. L. King, R. J. Rousseau Applied Catalysis. B, Environmental
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